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Documentation: The Ghost Of Paul Revere, Lincoln Hall / Chicago

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A few months ago I had the incredible luck to photograph one of my recent favorite bands in Chicago at Lincoln Hall. I'm not a "band photographer" in that way - however, I do documentaries, so I accompanied the guys backstage before their show. The Ghost of Paul Revere from Portland, Maine.

Lincoln Hall, Chicago

What do the guys do before they go on stage? How do they prepare for a gig? Are there any special "traditions" to get in the right mood? I think sometimes they don't know that themselves. It seemed to me as if they were a well-rehearsed team, without a fixed guideline - but a lot of fun and passion of what they're doin. Besides all the fun, they were singing, drinking whisky or tea. Or whisky in the tea to make it look neater. (I liked that one quite a bit)

The Ghost of Paul Revere Powerup

It was a great concert. & Even though I'm not a band photographer, I took some shots and then just enjoyed the music. It has become rare to hear bands playing live almost better than on record.. So, while listening to really good music, I like to close my eyes & only use my ears.

The Ghost Of Paul Revere Close Up / Nicole Gross Photography

Special thanks to The Ghost of Paul Revere & their management Liz Finks

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